Mommy Come Home is a nonprofit organization tackling one of China’s biggest social issues of migrant women being forced to leave their children, homes, and communities behind in order to provide them an income. My task was to convey the values of the organization through an identity that is modern and be used for years to come.
branDing & identity
Art Direction
Discovery & Ideation
Style Guide
Collateral Creation
Rooted in the mission of the organization, its identity needed to convey a sense of stability, security, peace, support, connection, belonging, and loving care.

When synthesized, the ideas of “home” and “a mother’s embrace” these qualities perfectly.
Design & construction
A mother’s embrace drawn in monoline style was ultimately chosen as our direction.

Below is the mark’s construction, consisting two circles aligned through their center points and a round-capped spiral terminating at a slightly skewed angle to imply motion.
Color Usage
& typography
Color palette consists of a soothing and hopeful blue grounded by a dark teal and counterbalanced by a soft cream yellow to add lightness and joy.

Type choice pairing is a modern and friendly slightly rounded san serif.
logo presentation
Widespread application of the logomark and branding include billboards, both digital and printed event banners, product packaging, tshirts, printed materials, and more.